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Clinical Quality: Home Health Staffing Models

Tuesday, November 14, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Mandy Rubenstein
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In the month of November we celebrate the home health (and hospice) industry and all the uniqueness that goes along with it. The business of providing health care services is extremely complicated when conducted in a facility – but even more so when that service is delivered in someone’s home. Do you ever sit back and wonder how others in the industry do it? What type of structure do they have? How do they conduct their team meetings? Who manages these people and what support do they have from the back office? If you have asked yourself (or your colleagues) these questions, you are not alone!

Throughout our meetings and discussions, the clinical quality team has identified that the variables that impact our star ratings and our clinical outcomes are vast! Each agency does things a little differently and for good reason. As our term began, the team wanted to provide a resource to MHCA members – something that could guide them on the best practices of staffing and care delivery models. After several meetings, we were not able to identify a “one size fits all” model for agencies to follow. In fact, the more we talked, the further we got from narrowing it down to one best practice. So...we shifted our mindset and came up with a different approach.

We have drafted a grid that includes some basic information about some of the agencies that are represented on our team. It can be used by member agencies throughout the state as an idea generator – something to spark a conversation or just get a glimpse at how someone else is conducting their business. Our team understands that what works for one agency may not work for another. We also know that while someone else’s entire system may not fit, perhaps pieces of it will.

The team also feels that there is great value in sharing. We would welcome additions to this document from all members. That being said, in an effort to remove any bias from the document, we left out the names of organizations and any vendors they are using.

To submit information from your agency, please contact Kristy Husen.

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